Saint Louis Historical Art Project

a free public resource dedicated to providing information regarding artists who lived and worked in St Louis before 1970

This site will continue to be a  “work-in-progress” as we are always discovering additional biographical or exhibition information and additional images of artwork by the artists we have listed.  We are also continually discovering the identity and work of artists whom we do not currently have listed on this site.

Charles Quest

Walter Quirt

Savo Radulovich

Esther S. Reed

Siegfried Reinhardt

Jessie Rickly

Adelaide Alsop Robineau

Frederick Rushing Roe

Rob Marshall Root

Louis Schultze


Aimee Schweig

Martyl Schweig

James Godwin Scott

Burr Singer

Wallace Herndon Smith

Theodor Stedingk

Frederick Lincoln Stoddard

Emily Bausch Summa

Frederick Oakes Sylvester

E. Oscar Thalinger

Frederick Jean Thalinger

John Martin Tracy

Ernest Trova

Florence B. Ver Steeg

Valentine Vogel

Joseph Vorst

Ferdinand Walcher

Carl Gustav Waldeck

Ambrosia White

Rodney Winfield

Charles Allan Winter

Gustav Wolff

F. Humphrey Woolrych

Edmund Wuerpel


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