Saint Louis Historical Art Project

a free public resource dedicated to providing information regarding artists who lived and worked in St Louis before 1970

This site will continue to be a  “work-in-progress” as we are always discovering additional biographical or exhibition information and additional images of artwork by the artists we have listed.  We are also continually discovering the identity and work of artists whom we do not currently have listed on this site.

Victor J. Harles

Jim Harmon

Paul E. Harney

Matthew Hastings

Francis D. Healy

John M. Heller

Carl Hepp

Dudley Clark Higginson

William J. Hinchey

Halsey Cooley Ives

Lebrun Jenkins


Joe Jones

Takuma Kajiwara

Nellie Knopf 

Henry Lewis

Gisella Loeffler

Viola Miller Longmire

Warren G. Ludwig

J. Scott MacNutt

William L. Marple

William F. Matthews

Morton May



Joseph Rusling Meeker

Richard E. Miller

Arthur Mitchell

Frank Nuderscher

Arthur Osver

Ralph Chesney Ott

Bernard E. Peters

Emily Bancroft Phelips


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