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This site will continue to be a  “work-in-progress” as we are always discovering additional biographical or exhibition information and additional images of artwork by the artists we have listed.  We are also continually discovering the identity and work of artists whom we do not currently have listed on this site.

Frank Nuderscher (1880-1959)

Nuderscher was a self-trained artist who became known for his industrial scenes of his hometown – St. Louis – and for Ozark landscape paintings. He was an active member of the regional art scene as a member of the Saint Louis Artist Guild, where he won ten first prizes, as well as serving as president of the Independent Artists of St. Louis.  He was one of the founding members of the Society of Ozark Painters, and the last survivor of the Riverfront Art Colony.  In 1936, he supervised the city’s WPA (Works Progress Administration) projects, and was a member of the National Association of Mural Painters.

Nuderscher and the other Ozark painters were attracted to the region for the delicate colors produced by the hazy atmosphere. In the earlier years of the Society, the region was seen as a sanctuary of beauty from the horrors and ugliness of World War I, and works by Society artists, like Nuderscher, frequently retained an emphasis on a quiet, restful composition featuring soft, pleasant colors.

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