Saint Louis Historical Art Project

a free public resource dedicated to providing information regarding artists who lived and worked in St Louis before 1970

This site will continue to be a  “work-in-progress” as we are always discovering additional biographical or exhibition information and additional images of artwork by the artists we have listed.  We are also continually discovering the identity and work of artists whom we do not currently have listed on this site.

George Aid

Albert Aloe

Walter Barker

Tom P. Barnett

Dorothy Bartholemy

Wallace Bassford

Mary Alice Beach

August Becker

Max Beckmann

Paul Berdanier

Louis Frederick Berneker

Oscar E. Berninghaus

Edward Boccia

Robert Biggs

Edgar Julian Bissell



Albert Bloch

Thomas R. Blow

Adele R. Brooks

Fred Greene Carpenter

Mildred Bailey Carpenter

Donald Charpiot

Harry Chase

Kathryn Cherry

Fred Conway

Paul Cornoyer

Belle Cramer

Mary Creamer

Dawson Dawson-Watson

Manuel De Franca

Werner Drewes


J.J. Eppensteiner

William Fett

Augusta Finkelnburg

Paula Finske

Linton Foersterling

Maurice Freedman

Ernest Friton

Charles Galt

Gustav Goetsch

Hazel Goetsch

Max Gottschalk

Frederick Gray

Mary Gronemeyer

Phillip Gronemeyer

Philip Guston


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